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We here at Moore Aviation, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to thank you for flying at our distinguished flight school. We have been in training at the Beaver County Airport for more than 50 years with an unblemished safety record. Our goal is to deliver the most thorough training while maintaining a family atmosphere. Our expertly maintained aircraft coupled with our outstanding training staff will make your time well spent.

Many of our students are already enjoying a career in aviation with companies such as Chautauqua Airlines, US Airways, American Airlines, Northwest, United, UPS, and the Federal Aviation Administration.


Who will be my Instructor?

If you do not know any of the instructors, a qualified instructor will be assigned to you based on your availability and that of the instructor. We recommend that you stay with one instructor until you solo, after which feel free to utilize all of our instructors.

I noticed a rate for ground school. Why would I need that when I'm taking classes at CCBC?

Ground school classes at the college and flight training at the flight school do not always correspond, so ground school may be necessary. This helps you gain better insight into problem areas. These ground school lessons will also be utilized to prepare you for the final check ride, leading to the certificate or rating you are pursuing.

How long will it take to get my certificates and ratings?

There are no non-essential lessons in our courses. The courses are designed to get you to obtain your license in the minimum amount of time. The course is written so that if review or additional training is necessary, it is available within the course. Please remember that the flight hours required for a license are FAA's minimum time. This does not mean that just because you have the required time for a license that you are ready for a check ride. Many factors affect the learning process and the time to completion. Weather and finances seem to be the most prevalent. The flight time for a private pilot certificate under FAA Part 61 is near 75 hours. The flight time for FAA Part 141 is near 65 hours. On average our students finish in about 55 hours. Since a high percentagegrass of our students attend the Community College of Beaver County, which is two years duration, we have designed our courses so that a student will complete all their flight training at the same time they are ready to graduate from college.

How do I open my Accounts?

For CCBC students, there are two accounts you will have to establish. These accounts are opened and managed through the college (CCBC). The first is a flight account, as the state only subsidizes the aircraft rental. The second account will be your instructor account. As a PA resident, the flight account through CCBC, will give you a 40%discount on all course aircraft rentals. To maintain the discount, you must be aware of the eligibility rules through the college. The details are available at the college or you may ask anyone at Moore Aviation, Inc. to clarify these rules.

For non-CCBC students desiring to rent our aircraft, you may open an account with Moore Aviation, pay cash or credit for you flights. Please call or see Linda for any questions.

Again there is no state discount on the instruction fee. Thus, the reason for two accounts.

For non-PA residents, flight accounts (aircraft rental) and instructor fee accounts are charged at the standard rates provided. If you have a question with your accounts, the office will help you. You will be grounded if either account goes into a negative amount or if a transfer cannot be made. Per CCBC, a minimum deposit of $2500.00 is required. We will try to keep you flying and regret to making you stop if your accounts are not positive. Please keep up your accounts and we will keep you progressing through the program. Your account status is available to you at all times, just ask the office.

How long will my CCBC flight discount eligibility last?


You must be enrolled in flight classes and be a resident of Pennsylvania , to be eligible for the state discount. Speak to your counselor at CCBC concerning which classes you must be enrolled in to be qualified for the discount. If you qualify, your eligibility is valid for the courses you are enrolled in for one year or until you receive the rating or certificate, which ever comes first.

How will I be billed for the flight courses?

You will deposit money for the flight and instructor accounts at the cashiers office located at CCBC's main campus in Center Township. You can either call CCBC or go to the cashier's office to deposit money into your account. We will bill the college for all flights. Please have your deposit voucher faxed to Moore Avition for proper confirmation; if this is not possible, you must bring the voucher to Moore Aviation.

Once I choose to fly at Moore Aviation, Inc., what is my next step? 

An enrollment form is attached below; simply complete this form, give it to Linda at the front desk and you will be entered into the system. Enrollment Form

When can I start?

If you are a CCBC student, notify the cashier's office that you have chosen Moore Aviation, Inc. If your tuition and your flight account deposit have been paid, you will be given a voucher to give to Moore Aviation, Inc. You will be placed on the flight schedule. Non CCBC students may start immediately after completing the enrollment form.

Am I insured while I am flying?

Yes, our contract with the college requires that we provide five million dollars liability insurance. Moore also provides two million dollars in addition for general public rentals. By FAA regulations each aircraft that is operated for hire must follow an inspection program that is authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration and checked by a FAA certified mechanic technician. Our maintenance staff holds FAA certification in many phases of aircraft maintenance.

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(Flordia Trip Students and Instructors)

How do I schedule?

Go to the Schedule tab on the navigation bar to access cassitechnology.com. Students can choose what day and time they would like to fly according to availability. Students must call Moore Aviation to schedule at the front desk or call their instructor. Every student will have a username and password only to him or her to access their flying schedule. If students should have any problems with scheduling, they may contact our office at 724-843-4800.

What about canceling and rescheduling?  

All students and renters are responsible for arriving promptly on time. If later than fifteen minutes the student may be charged with a no show. The first no show may carry a penalty, however the second no show the student will be charged per current Moore policies. If you know you are not able to make a previously scheduled flight, immediately contact Moore Aviation in order to make the necessary arrangements to fly an additional block. Cancellations should be made no later than 24 hours before your flight. With regard to weather, please do not call and cancel your flight early based on forecasted conditions. Consult your instructor and monitor the weather for further changes.

Revised on August 13, 2009